Imperalism: Israel’s Blueprint

The current conflict between Palestine and Israel dates back to 1917, when Britain’s Foreign Secretary Lord Balfour promised a “national home for the Jewish people” in occupied Palestine. Palestinian objection to Balfour’s Declaration of 1917 is well documented, and thoroughly illustrates the role of the bourgeoisie in relation to government and military. 

“Zionist deeds were more eloquent than their words. The Zionists wanted us out of Haifa and Palestine, and they succeeded in forcing us to leave, while making the world believe we left voluntarily.”

Leila Khaled, My People Shall Live  

Israeli soldiers stand over captured Palestinians and Egyptians at the start of the war on June 5, 1967 

During WWII, the systemic cleansing of Germany resulted in the deaths of 11 million Jews among other minorities groups. The Zionist movement peaked during this time and sought to reestablish a Jewish nation; ascertaining permanent refuge for Jewish people. As the Jewish fled persecution and genocide, they took over occupied land, renaming their settlements Israel. Upon entry Zionists exercised their belief of being entitled to occupied Palestine; this blatant disregard to the native people increased tensions between the parties. Military intervention by the British and their allies came to the assistance of the makeshift Israeli establishment, subsequently making Jewish subjugation permanent in Palestine. The Palestinians organized multiple efforts to exercise their discontent, but their efforts were not successful against the superpowers supporting the interests of the Israeli state. 

The map above documents the seizure of Palestinian land. Palestine’s borders are not recognized internationally whereas only two of Israel’s are. Israel is unique to all other countries because it has expanding borders, giving Israelis unrivaled authority to further annex occupied Palestinian territory. Like Jewish people prior to their militarized invasion, Palestinians are now without a land to call their own. Displacement has forced natives into surrounding countries while some have sought refuge within former-Palestine, in the West Bank & Gaza Strip. Both regions of former Palestine, loom with the threat of Israeli invasion. 

In 2019 Trump announced the U.S no longer considered Israeli settlements in the West Bank to be in violation of international law. Instead of siding with the Palestinians who have encountered years of persecution, forced migration and terror at the hand of Israeli authorities and their allies, the U.S has sided with the perpetrators of human rights violations. The U.S has gone beyond verbal declarations of support to provide billions in economic and military aid. Since 1985, the United States has provided nearly 3 billion dollars in grants annually. Interestingly enough the U.S Senate Committee approved an additional 38 billion dollar package to Israel as of May 21, 2020.

“The capitalists of the world will always have an advantage under a system that allows them to control wealth, resources, and working class people.”


The U.S and Israeli governments justify these exchanges under the guise of alliance but further assessment reveals the Israeli government is using the aid in ways that violate the human rights of Palestinians. Almost all U.S aid to Israel takes the form of military assistance, which strengthens the Israeli assault on the native people. Earlier this week Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced Israel’s plans to annex Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank. This is sure to escalate conflict and subject thousands to abuse by the militarized state. 

“Israeli occupation parallels European invasion of the Americas.”


It is imperative to recognize the interactions between Palestinians and Israelis is regularly one of conflict. Thousands of Palestinians have been injured or have died as a result of routine excessive force by Israeli troops. The knee restraint that took the life of George Floyd is a trained tactic of Israeli forces, often ending in death or serious injury. 

Excerpt from Alison Weir

[Neta Golan, the co-founder of International Solidarity Movement (ISM) said: “When I saw the picture of killer cop Derek Chauvin murdering George Floyd by leaning in on his neck with his knee as he cried for help and other cops watched, I remembered noticing when many Israeli soldiers began using this technique of leaning in on our chest and necks when we were protesting in the West Bank sometime in 2006.

“They started twisting and breaking fingers in a particular way around the same time. It was clear they had undergone training for this. They continue to use these tactics — two of my friends have had their necks broken but luckily survived — and it is clear that they [Israel] share these methods when they train police forces abroad in ‘crowd control’ in the US and other countries including Sudan and Brazil.”]

The brutality described in Neta Golan’s statement reveals the continuation of  abuse and terror committed under colonial and imperial regimes. Israeli occupation parallels European invasion of the Americas.  Oppression occurring at the hands of militarized states is the global standard; the issue of police violence will not be ameliorated with transformative policy. The role of the police and military is to protect and enforce private interests. Just yesterday 19 Palestinians were abducted by Israeli troops in the West Bank; days after the public announcements of Benjamin Netanyahu and Benny Gantz and within weeks of the U.S Senate committee approving an additional military grant.  Israel’s Defense Minister, Benny Gantz, has told the Israreli Defense Force (IDF) to increase military preparations in the Palestinian occupied  West Bank, in other words, prepare to exercise state-sponsored violence to secure more occupied Palestinian land.

Protests in opposition to Israeli annexation of Palestinian occupied West Bank territory. (Hazem Bader/AFP)

In wake of the recent annexation announcements Palestinian demonstrators and allies have taken to the streets to voice their discontent. The land Israel claims as its own was forcibly stolen, justifying the unrest that exists among the demonstrators. The power imbalance that exists between the protestors in the streets and the IDF is a primary example of the suppression the state machinery exerts on opposition. Palestinians acquiescing to Israeli rule is the equivalent of conceding defeat, to protest peacefully or violently will lead to Palestinian casualties, to call for justice via bureaucracy will ulitmately lead to a biased compromise; so what is to be done ?

“[…]the U.S has sided with the perpetrators of human rights violations. The U.S has gone beyond verbal declarations of support to provide billions in economic and military aid.”


The capitalists of the world will always have an advantage under a system that allows them to control wealth, resources, and working class people. Israel’s military would not have the ability to fully suppress Palestinian uprisings if foreign aid was not accessible to them. The interests of the capitalists are highlighted wherever investment occurs. Some may think the international financial support Israel receives is an act of solidarity among nations, but it is nothing more than a calculated move to maximize the benefits capitalists receive. Israel is guilty of violating international law and human rights, and has yet to be held accountable. Thousands of Palestinians are at the center of conflict; protests are threatening to disrupt land acquisition. Land drives economic models providing raw materials, space for the means of production and an environment for workers to conform. Militarization of the state exists to protect no one except the interest  of the capitalist state. Until the state and it’s machinery are dissolved, oppression, and the many forms it takes, will persist.

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Leila Khaled

” I did not leave Haifa of my own free wish. The decision was not made by my family but by a people who should have known better -a persecuted and hunted race who in turn became my persecutors and hunters of my brethren.”

Published by Black Orchid Party

We know the time has arrived to develop a transformative movement to undo the global travesties of capitalism. Our movement will be built on lived experience, theory and practice to create an internationalist perspective that unites the proletariat across borders. Capitalists have developed sophisticated systems of oppression that exploit the labor power of the proletariat and desecrate our Earth in the process to produce more capital. Our oppression extends beyond our work environment and into how we navigate and perceive our surroundings. Capitalism has fine tuned the paradigms of oppression we are subjected to but, we the proletariat uphold the egregious values of this system. Racism, sexism, classism and homophobia among other ill ideologies preserve a structure replete of inequity. We, the Black Orchid Party, aim to develop a revolutionary proletarian consciousness to successfully overthrow the capitalist class.

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