A Statement from the Artist

My partner and I were having a conversation about the public opinion of Communism atop The Pyramid of the Sun in former Tenochtitlan. It occurred to us that values supported by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels were ones the proletariat of our time could fully align with, yet Communism as understood through the lens of miseducation has disparaged the power of communism as a political weapon. As we navigate our day to day lives we start to realize, we are nothing more than wage slaves selling our labor to provide the bare necessities for sustenance.

Everything on this earth is of this Earth; water, a natural occurrence has been bottled and sold to us at an exchange value we the people never agreed to. Capitalists spend billions marketing the benefits of market commodities whilst successfully omitting the oppression and exploitation that parallel the construction of these market goods. Pollution, discrimination, deforestation, poverty, racism, patriarchy, homophobia, illness, crime, displacement and war among others are all appendages of capitalism. 

Our logo at first glance may seem simplistic but represents the values of the Black Orchid Party. We are accustomed to viewing the triangle with the point furthest upward yet our logo places the peak on the bottom symbolically eradicating class antagonisms. The inversion of the triangle also represents femininity and promotes a matriarchal organization of society. The three points naturally personify the connection of the mind, body, and spirit;  alignment of the three engenders change. 

The circle is universal for totality, timelessness, and infinite energy, among others. Black Orchid values the importance of holism and recognizes intersectionality is not exclusive to social political analysis but is lived experience. Race, gender, class and the discrimination, that occurs at each level as a result, will not be omitted in conversation. The circle is a reminder that  duality is limiting, the revolution requires us to go beyond our own perception.

The Orchid in the center bearing a single bud on the left hand side signifies 2 things: Internationalism & Re/Birth. The orchid is the only flower that grows on every habitable continent and provides a visual representation of our goal to unite the proletariat across borders. The bud highlights the significance of women, distinguishing the ability to bring life into this world. Under capitalism the women’s ability to bear children creates the next generation of workers; fueling the inequality present under capitalism. Like you we yearn for liberty; liberty that is not attainable under the reigns of this system. We have the opportunity to change the course of history, this art is the hallmark for the coming revolution.

We urge you to agitate, educate, organize to liberate.


Published by Black Orchid Party

We know the time has arrived to develop a transformative movement to undo the global travesties of capitalism. Our movement will be built on lived experience, theory and practice to create an internationalist perspective that unites the proletariat across borders. Capitalists have developed sophisticated systems of oppression that exploit the labor power of the proletariat and desecrate our Earth in the process to produce more capital. Our oppression extends beyond our work environment and into how we navigate and perceive our surroundings. Capitalism has fine tuned the paradigms of oppression we are subjected to but, we the proletariat uphold the egregious values of this system. Racism, sexism, classism and homophobia among other ill ideologies preserve a structure replete of inequity. We, the Black Orchid Party, aim to develop a revolutionary proletarian consciousness to successfully overthrow the capitalist class.

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