The members of the Black Orchid Party spend countless hours of unpaid labour to fulfill our aim of raising class consiousness. There is no third-party to help with web maintenance, writing articles, curriculum and theory, and/or planning events we, the proletariat, complete our objectives as a party. We are not looking for shortcuts and are actively preparing to seize the next opportunity to establish horozontality. Donations will be used to create space for connection. The work of the Black Orchid Party is not exclusive to what is documented on this webpage, we are operating in our communities throughout the world to mobilize our aims. We value transparency so, to ascertain funds are being used in accordance with the misson of the Black Orchid Party, every donor can request a quartely report by submitting an inquiry via email. For contact infomation please visit our About page.

Thank you for supporting the Black Orchid Party!

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